Let’s pull together

No comfort in the South by Joseph Inter Da Poet Mabena

There is no comfort in the south
People’s rights are being deterred and they live scared to open their mouths
Leaders label black children as refugees
This is because those kids walk to school bare foot and their parents have no house
Ouch,who is speaking comfortably sitting and twitting on the couch
Politicians are big dawgz
The people who vote for them are just cat and mouse
With their minds poisoned to take alcohol as a spouse
Life is poetry,read it and announce
Have some ganja,sip some hansa and realize the answer to truth as you analyze the stanzas in your life
Fishes can’t fly,but eagles can
Pity you can’t put both of them in a can to help the economy of the starving population even when you are high
The accumulation of wealth is through hard work,
So talk the talk and walk the walk
Walk with Jesus,because Johnny Walker can’t help you get up
Roll up your sleeves and dig deep to remove that main stain on your brain
The stain of poverty or have some Mainstay to help you forget
Middle class man you have always been the target
In the south for you there is no budget
Small middle class boys have no toys
Whereas upper class boys speak about their latest gadgets
Why,because daddy drink the money at the train station,while the lonely widow glanced out the window as her children played the play station
Her husband forgot to mention that he was bankrupt and in debt
So he took a double shot of whiskey and shot himself in the head to kill the pain
There is no comfort in the south
What’s up is you can’t read
So why would you need "facebook" for a face lift if you are broke and can’t face the books to uplift your education
Even though "twitter" is bitter,the birds still twit for life
Because they see there is no exit on "mixit"
Which leaves them wondering where is one "to go"
The nearest tarven or shebeen to open your mouth and drink
But keep it shut when it comes to pressing issues of the south
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