Viva to you by Joseph Inter Da poet Mabena

Viva to you by Joseph Inter Da poet Mabena

Viva to you, you are a legend
Your life is like a living liver that helps to pump hope to lost spirits
You are an icon that with every breath en devours to deliver peace and unity to existence
Viva to you
You are a symbol of strength
A living statue of liberty that never quivers to fight for equality

Viva to you
A brave heart that walked the long road to talk the talk of freedom
A political prisoner that healed wounded hearts with a dancing smile even when times were tough
A floating river with blisters to show the pain that runs
The pain that flows, whenever Africa’s children cries tears of blood and the world start to shiver
To you whom lives scared,the one with knees that froze
And the only thing that can run is their nose
But still fighting,hoping to,after the war give the one you love a rose
You who won the minds of limping heroes,and made sure to the world the story to their good deeds everybody knows
A strong man that gives crutches to broken souls

Viva to you
You are a living legend

Dedicated to our former President Dr Nelson Mandela…peace be upon him,as he lived to die it…
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