I Am A Migrant by Joseph Inter Da’Poet Mabena

I Am A Migrant by Joseph Inter Da’Poet Mabena

I am a migrant
A son born to rome the wilderness with a soul that remains vibrant
With a heart educated by the humility and hospitality of those who I call my kind
For to me their kindness shared wisdom
Opened my blind eyes to see truth rarely realized
A veteran affluent in many tongues,for with each path his mind was schooled and localized
True to my roots like the Khoi Khoi and the San people,
I am a migrant that never wore boots, even when other cultures tried to put influence and make me wear suits
Call me tolerant
Because, through my walks of life,life has taught me never to be arrogant
My nurture is through nature,that is why its in my nature to care for mother nature
Wherever I laid my head is my home,but as I roam,I one day wish to lay my head in Rome
I am a migrant
A man that seeks to find loose ends and tie them together without being ignorant
For in each find a new lesson is learned,peace and unity is made and played
At times some referred to me as the reverent,for words I have spoken always remained relevant
The earth is my nest,I will rest in peace when all that helps to benefit mankind has been found
Found to be brilliant and excellent
Come see me dancing in the rain bare foot and feel the pain
You will go insane if I should tell you what poison goes through my veins
For me to sustain all the pressure in my lane
Even though with love I try to maintain,
It doesn’t mean that life won’t close the curtain on me one day and that is for certain

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