Dark Life Living by Sha’baaz Innocent Molebatsi

Dark Life Living by Sha’baaz Innocent Molebatsi

Sometimes I try
But sometimes I wonder
Am I being hard
Or am I teaching

I don’t know if I should cry
Or if I should inspire
I get ”The Look” if I get strict
I foresee disaster where discipline lacks

I try my best every time
To think only of the good
But when history hits
Minds lock and only doubts arises

The truth maybe in front of you
But if a lie once came across you
Then believe seems an enormous feeling
Faith runs low

And you think of how could this happen
Promises have been made to me
I do my best,but it is not enough
Am brought here to only feel pain afterwards

Memories flashes about that night
A statement given to you but didn’t believe
Words of mouth gave you a story
But actions and uneasiness gave you something else

You think of your Love
And you think of your heart
Changes have occurred
But lies still remains

Jealousy grows by the second
From my side is wrong to give
I sometimes think I am a puppet
Strings are pulled and I dance

Life is hard
And the more I try to get it right
It seems to go opposite my way
Like a dog chained to it’s own tail

I try to be trusting
A fool I feel
I try to love
There’s no difference

I’m taken from a chair
And told to stand on a corner
I used to smile
But is now fading

Been made to rise
Only for personal gain
A useful gain is not
But for ones own selfishness

Am useful for a Minute
And the rest am invisible
Guilt is thrown to my thoughts
Bad am made to feel

Sensitive I am
Stupid am made to be
My life is no longer here
But forever in a dark room
Opened only when am needed
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