Africa Is Sore by Innocent Sha’baaz Molebatsi

Africa Is Sore by Innocent Sha’baaz Molebatsi

Sitting under the starry sky
Lights above floating some fly
Darkness seems not to appear
Moon as bright and bold as the spear

Chants over here and there
Mumbles coming out of nowhere
Companions standing on the corner
Authorities roving looking to press order
Conspiracy in the minds of others
Comrades poking the ears of the nobler
Suppression on our dear brothers
Peace they scream to free their fore-fathers

The land of honey and milk was promised
Fulfilled to few and was astonished

Abomination of the new world order
But under still we were looked
For ever searching in those hidden folders
Answers found will never be again fooled

Let us all emancipate
The Creator knew how to shape
Sticks and stones may do the talking
But a wise voice will stop a man from walking
Shake hands to see a brighter future
And let our children smile and be filled with humour
Let day of judgment be owned by The One
After all he’s the one who gave us Love


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