Baby Bear by Joseph Inter Da’ Poet Mabena

Baby Bear by Joseph Inter Da’ Poet Mabena

Baby bear
One who is always strong even when life might be a blare
You who’s smile is unique and rare
A creature of God that always plays fair
Adorable and open minded
Your piece of mind always brings awareness to those who are unaware Your style is delightful because the colors of love you know how to wear

To the sweetness of your heart not even honey can compare

You are like heaven’s Angels and if you had to be married to Jesus I bet you would make a cute pair
If beauty meant unity,in your soul and spirit everybody would fight for a tiny piece to share
Like Mother Teresa, even when you sleep your eyes declare the need for us to care Baby Bear I swear in you piece and love will always prefer to dwell
Through life’s thick and thin I’ll hold my chin up high and always prepare to be there Oh yeah, if I don’t see you in my sight for a minute it feels more like a year Try to leave you I will never dare


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