I Am Emotional I Know by Ramatsobane Kgaripane

I am emotional, I know!By Ramatsobane Kgaripane

Why is spring’s stay always too short?
Why do summer nights end too quick?
Why do winters’ clothes have to be heavy on the body?
Why is autumn’s cool so chilled?

Spring can be so refreshing
Summer nights can be so jolly
Winters can be body activating
Autumns cool can be so chilly

Hell yes, I’m emotional about everything.
If only
My pots could be shinier,
My pants could a bit tighter,
My scold could be more stern,
My eyes could be more expressive,
My touch could carry the world,
My bed could not be lonesome.

I know, I’m emotional about everything
Oh yes,
I have pots yet someone might not.
I wear pants yet someone is forbidden.
I have strength,I can empower others.
My heart can yield love and care
To nations beyond my reach yet
Someone out there doesn’t have hands
To touch the world with.

Yes,you are right. I am emotional.
I am woman.
I am tall, I am short
I am slim,I am voluptuous
I work hard, I demand hard work
I am follower, I am a leader
I am a comforter,I am a warrior
I am an introvert, I am adventurous

Of course, I am emotional.
I admit I’m drawn to a certain type of men.
I break hearts,and they steal and play with mine.
I am a married woman,I am a single woman
I am a mother, I am a wife
I am a sister, I am a child.
Oh yes, I know.
I am emotional about everything: I am woman.


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