Who Built This Land by Joseph Inter Da’ Poet Mabena

Who Built This Land by Joseph Inter Da’ Poet Mabena

Who built this land
Who is the man who built the first railway
The man who’s cries were had as he sang the songs of freedom While carrying the burden of slavery on his shoulders

Who was the man who created all these sky scrapers
A soldier that took the risk to climb the scuffles to the sky and never look down Even when those who asked him to clime looked down on him
Because,he knew that the only way for his family to eat was for him to close his eyes while he was treated like clown Just for him to get the pay, even when he felt the pain he could not frown

People I ask
I ask who is that man
The man who got crushed by heavy rocks and stones to bleed to death while mining underground Only so that the Queen could wear Africa’s best diamonds and gold

Who was that man
That strong and bold man who in times of war was used as the human shield
Used as the porn to die first so that those who’s skin was soft and fragile could claim to have won the war

My people who is that man
Those sons,fathers and grandfathers who followed the law
But when they refused,they got shot or hung just to prove a point

Please tell me who was that soul
A creature of God,that even when tortured and brutalized remained humble and generous
Gave with all his heart, and to be hospitable what he shared in this his Mother land was numerous
Only for those who were greedy to have all the land and wealth stolen away from him

Who was that man
The man with love and respect
The man with honor and dignity
A man who only understood that equality was for the whole community

I believe that man was a black man
A man who’s heart only bathed with the freshest of purity
A man who before colonization never knew what was nudity
To his tribe there was always unity
Smiles and laughter meant peace and tranquility
The best advancement to upgrade society and have some humility


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