Be Free by Kamogelo OkayKama Maimane

Be Free by Kamogelo OkayKama Maimane

Its dark in the night
You are all alone
Your heart is pumping faster than the Gau-Train
Scared for your life
The fear of being raped

Every second, minute, hour and day
You don’t have the freedom
Living terrified that some Bastards is going to come
Come creeping to do something nasty to you
Something terrible and horrible

So today, woman of South Africa and the world above
I just want to wear them whit gloves and treat you like a dove Thoughts of love to you ladies and girls blow bubbles in my brain My massage to you is for you to use your brain
And never let a man drag your dreams down the drain
You are a unique and rare diamond that is bigger than the crane used to build sky scrapers in the Ukraine Your beauty is within and when it comes out it drives a man insane

Woman of the universe unite and pray for the pedophiles, rapists and all abusive sexual perpetrators to stop Ask God to help them to love and always put you at the top
So that you too can love life and always be free

Be free and feel free
You are the roots and stem to the tree
For help,feel free to shout
You are the voice of the nation
When you cry your tears form an ocean
To cure this evil monsters,let’s work together to find the potion


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