Dynamite by Nhlanhla R Ndlovu

Dynamite by Nhlanhla R Ndlovu

Love of my love, my gift from up above
The one whom I gave all my love
The woman I promise to only love and adore
The woman I trust so much
Trust so much that you could brush my hair with a loaded pistol and still smile Why do you have to break my heart like this
I opened my heart for you to dwell and showed you all the passage to the core of my love But you choose to place dynamites in it and break it
What is it that am not giving that leads you to find joy at another man’s arm Is it his heart you admire or the depth of his pocket
Depth of his pocket that will lead us to split and cause the public to peak and speak about our dilemma Why has it gone this far for you to bury our hopes and dreams six feet under Please help me understand
I feel I could just break down and die because I ask questions and you fail to reply I want to cry but my pride won’t let me cry
Cry out every single drop water in body, so that I shall never shed a tear for a woman again Oh heaven please drop a bottle of remedy to heal my broken heart For the woman I care deeply for constantly tore it apart
Did I make the wrong choice that is causing me to suffer
Was I wrong to be a lover
Love breed, Love heal, Love kill
Unfortunately to the pain of love there is no pill


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