On Our Knees By Joseph Inter Da’ Poet Mabena

On Our Knees by Joseph Inter Da’ Poet Mabena

Africa we are on our knees
On our knees begging and it seems nobody sees
We were betrayed
Betrayed by our very own brother and sisters
Those that stole our forefather’s wealth and shipped them overseas
Enjoying to see the tears that fall when we weep for food and we keep saying please We fought for freedom and to open doors we were given all the keys Labeled monkeys,
To those overseas the assumption is we still walk bare foot and live on trees While they Cruz through the ocean breeze with ease
They tease us with our own diamonds and gold till we cry and our chest start to wheeze Some of us are left crying out of hunger and dying with disease HIV and Aids is no lie yesterday I buried a lady named Luiz
Because of homelessness in winter infants to death they freeze
Lack of resources and access to health care means a squeeze to the budget of the family’s needs To those intelligent young ones,thug mentality gets taught at the streets “the university of life”
Because to enroll to the institution of a life of crime no one needs to pay the fees Due to greed,Politicians are playing God
Everyday showing the nation that to the notion of equality there is degrees
And to graduate one must be exploitative and fraudulent before they can have a taste of the government cheese When asked about the state of living conditions say no
No comment
Smile for the camera but never say cheese
Africa everyday we are on our knees,but our tears nobody sees


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