Lasting Happiness And All by Boitumelo Sole aka “SoulAir”

Lasting Happiness And All by Boitumelo Sole aka “SoulAir”

I lost my will to live in love
Because love is the reason I stand here broken
I was once strong
I believed in love, its warmth, forever lasting happiness and all I was waiting for the stranger I was taught to fear and stay away from
I was ready for him to show up and try to rip my heart out while thrusting my innocence away Little did I know that he would emerge within the very walls of love The walls of love that were built to keep such out
You turned on me,my armour of love,used the very love I was born into as a tool to your satisfaction You taught me that there is no such thing as selflessly loving someone else
Because, as a person you will always want to put yourself first even if it means robbing your beloved little girl off her flower,light and all I once felt secure in your arms,love and all
Today, I am afraid of love
My heart is cold, it beats a tune of hatred
I feel robbed of my light,smile and all
I hate the fact that I am yours
Your blood runs through my veins, keeping this flowerless life i’m living going on and on and on.


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